Prospective schools must apply for Trial Membership to the ESC chairperson before the end of October. At the November meeting that prospective school will be invited to give a short presentation about their school and how their school can be a positive addition to the ESC. Member schools will then vote on whether to allow the prospective school to becoming a Trial Member school.

Once accepted, the Trial Member school will be expected to participate in all the ESC tournaments with the same rights and level of commitment as any Member school. At the following November Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Trial Member school will be re-evaluated (level of participation, performance and positive contribution towards the ESC). A final vote on whether the Trial Member school would become a Full Member school be decided at this AGM.

As a Member school, an annual fee of EUR 600 entitles the school to participate in all ESC tournaments. Member schools are expected to send their Athletic Director to the AGM in November and May. Full Member schools are expected to host at least one tournament per year and offer housing of guest athletes within their school community for at least 2 nights.

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