The ESC championship trophies and traveling plaques for both boys and girls teams are awarded to the 1st place team at every tournament. In addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team trophies, each player will receive individual ESC medals.

Most Valuable Player or Athlete

These individual plaques are awarded to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of each tournament for their most consistent performance at a high level, while demonstrating strong leadership qualities and excellent team spirit. The MVP is an athlete that continuously displays a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward the sport and a role model for others. 

Joanna McArthur Sportsmanship Award

This trophy is awarded at every tournament to the team that best exemplifies the attributes of character, integrity and respect. These positive attributes should be evident throughout the tournament and toward their teammates, opponents, coaches, referees and the game itself.

  • character – a role model for other teams; practices fair play continuously; members of the team are team focused and will help out in any way that will benefit the team and its members
  • integrity – the team should be committed to doing what is right; willing to accept defeat gracefully and celebrate success in a positive sporting manner (without gloating)
  • respect – display respect towards officials, opposing teams, table officials, other coaches and spectators, even in face of adverse outcomes;  the team should demonstrate cooperation and respect in dealing with their own coaches and teammates, on and off courts/fields.